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Readers and Cards/Tags/Wristbands

We do not provide readers or the cards, but we can assist with purchasing decisions where possible.

Below are some of the options that we have seen customers use. Always carefully test your chosen combination prior to purchasing a large number of cards or readers. aPlus+ does not independently check that these combinations work with all devices, and technology changes almost weekly. If you already have door lock cards, copier cards, library cards, etc. we encourage you to find the expert on those technologies at your location. This will help determine whether a configured USB reader can be procured to allow the use of those existing cards with the kiosk. For high security cards, such as door lock cards, you will almost certainly require input from your 3rd party card / door lock supplier.

Barcodes / QR Codes


  • Easy to print onto cards, easy to reprint in case of a lost card
  • There are many Bluetooth and USB barcode readers on the market.
  • Low cost
  • Often already deployed to attendees for other uses.
  • Simple to create a barcode that has the attendees ID number, so further mapping is not required.


  • Can wear off cards
  • Not ideal for high flow situations (card has to be out, and orientated at the correct angle to be read)
  • Easy to replicate


Handheld barcode and QR code scanners often have a trigger for a handheld mode, and a continuous mode, where the scanner can be left in a cradle ready to scan at any time. Please ensure you check that the model you purchase has the mode you need.
Many of the bluetooth models also come with a USB dongle. For iPad use, the dongle would not be needed, but may still be included.


Magnetic Stripe


  • There are many USB mag stripe readers on the market
  • Often already deployed to attendees for other uses.


  • If not already in use, they require programming which can be complex if using multiple card tracks.
  • If a card is not seated correctly in a reader, you may get a partial scan
  • Readers and cards are susceptible to dirt
  • Not ideal for high flow situations (card has to be out, and orientated at the correct angle to be read)


If you are using existing cards, then please make sure that the usb reader you buy reads the track that you need. Mag cards can hold up to 3 tracks of data. Some readers will only read the first 2.



MIFARE is a low security, relatively simple way, to introduce RIFD card scanning.


  • Tags and Cards come with a factory preset unique ID. They are ready to go, out of the box
  • Cost effective as a third party card vendor is not required
  • Cards can be printed on
  • Ideal for high flow situations where many attendees need to scan in a short period of time.


  • Not suitable for a secure situation. There are ways to copy a MIFARE RFID card to another card, or to a phone
  • RFID Readers can be complicated to configure.


Large packs (100) of MIFARE cards, tags, stickers, or wristbands can be purchased inexpensively on most large online retailer websites.
Readers can be procured online that are preset to read the factory configured unique ID from the cards.


RFID (iClass, Prox, Other High Security Cards)

These are higher security options that typically require specialist input. IF you are looking at one of these options, it will be because you already have IDs of these types in use.

A specialist who is familiar with your card and door lock setup will need to be consulted on whether they can provide a USB reader that provides a suitable read of such cards. Typically they can, but they will need to configure it for you.


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