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Bring your own device

If you would like attendees to type in their identifier?

A keyboard or touch screen would be required to be accessible to attendees

If you would like attendees to scan in?

A card reader would be required with matching cards or tags that are possessed by the attendees


iPads are a popular option due to the number of 3rd part mounting options that are available on the market. iOS includes a 'Guided Access' mode that allows administrators to lock which application is running, then control which parts of the screen are available to a non admin user to use.


iPads and Readers

iPads can support USB readers (with an adapter), or bluetooth readers. The adapter that is required for USB readers is the Official Lightning to Camera (USSB) Adapter Camera connector.


Windows Laptops

Laptops are a popular option when a device is in a location where mounting is not critical. Most laptops contain a USB port so that connecting a reader is very easy.


Windows Laptops and Readers

Most laptops can support USB readers, or Bluetooth readers.


Other Options

We have seen customers use the following options as well:

  • Chromebooks
  • Raspberry Pi's - useful for a headless installation where you do not need a screen.

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