Attendance Kiosk

The easiest way to track positive attendance using your own tablets and other kiosk hardware.
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How it works

Kiosk scan/register

Attendees check in or out at your kiosk running on a tablet, chrome book or laptop

Monitor Real Time

Monitor activity in real time using the kiosk console.

Reporting outputs

Report on who is in or out, where, why, duration attended.
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Connect to a kiosk from anywhere

  • Register
    Answer a few short questions to get started.
  • Your kiosk is launched
    We launch your kiosk, usually with a 24 hour turnaround.
  • Configure your hardware
    Setup the kiosk on a browser. Go cardless, or attach a USB reader to allow attendees to use their cards.
    More about hardware options
  • Import your attendee details
    Import your attendee details. This can include card numbers if using scanning. As simple as a spreadsheet.
    More about import options
  • Start tracking attendance and view the results!
    Attendees check in and the results are immediately available in our cloud based reporting platform, Attend Core.
    More about tracking options
At any time import data and generate reports.
More about advanced options and reporting outputs

Easy kiosk based attendance tracking for ...

Methods of checking in

Checking in or out could be as simple as a scan on a connected scanner and/or a more involved process including a reason selection

High flow

Attendees simply scan and keep on moving without touching the kiosk

Scanning + reason

Attendees can scan and select from a selection, why they are visiting.


Attendees enter an identifier manually into the kiosk (ID number, code, email, phone, etc)

What do you need to track?

Our kiosks are configured based these four standard configurations which address specific attendance tracking scenarios:

Check-in Kiosk

Confirm who has and has not checked into a location (Single or Multiple location).

Useful for:

Attendance Tracking (Count)

Confirm that attendees visited a location (Single or Multiple Location).

Useful for:

Attendance Tracking (Time)

Track that attendees accrue the required amount of time in location or lab (Single or Multiple location).

Useful for:

  • Non credit / open lab tracking
  • Course specific time requirements. See SEU Jacksonville customer story
  • Any situation where attendees must prove that they attended the required amount of time

Resource and Usage Tracking

Track why attendees visited a location or for which course. (Single or Multiple Locations, with reason selection)

Useful for:

Turn-key kiosk based attendance platform

Our cloud based platform is ready to go with ways to get data in and out

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